"The transformations in my life have been amazing.  So much of the pain that had once fueled me has healed and before I met Rachel I felt lost and passionless.

With her ability to reach the voice of the soul, Rachel has helped me discover my purpose.  With her gentle guidance I was able to heal a layer of blocks, find my voice, and clear the way to bring my passion to life! I am so grateful for Rachel’s healing talents and my new feelings of direction and aliveness.

Working with Rachel is like being taken deep into the wisdom of your soul while being wrapped in a hug the whole journey.  If you are someone who has put off embarking on your own soul journey out of fear of what you may encounter, I strongly encourage you to work with Rachel. Through her gentle yet powerful approach you will feel protected and guided while you transform and heal your own life."

-sami a.



“Before I worked with Rachel I had extreme anxiety, felt alone and terrified of the future. I constantly struggled to keep myself in the moment and I knew there had to be a solution. In my short time with Rachel I have discovered how to control my energy and help to become my own healer. She has helped me heal old thought patterns and traumas from my childhood. As well as showing me how to be in my body, to stay in the moment and what to do with that moment if it becomes what I used to have thought was “too much” to handle.

Rachel is a very caring soul with the most incredible heart. Love drives everything she does, from a simple email to her healing sessions. You should work with Rachel if you are ready to figure out who you are on a soul level, to heal old pain and to trust in the future. The best way I can describe what it feels like to work with her is simply, love. The whole process is done with love and her compassion to help is unparalleled in my opinion when compared to similar healers.” 

-alyssa a.


“My first experience with Rachel was when she was guiding us through a powerful manifesting process at a retreat I was attending. During the exercise, I froze up. I drew a complete blank. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t think. Rachel knew I was struggling. She approached me and quietly said, “I sense that you feel like you have to be perfect and you don't have to. It’s okay.” My eye's filled up with tears and I felt this amazing release. This woosh of calm engulfed me. I did not forget that feeling and I wanted to learn more about her practice and what it can do for me in my journey going forward.

Working with Rachel- both at the retreat and in one-on-one healing sessions- has been a wonderful learning experience. She is so in tune with you that you just feel so embraced. From my time with her I feel less pressure to try and be perfect and instead focus more on loving me for who I am. She has helped me feel comfortable in letting my guard down so that I could fully receive love and compliments from others. I highly recommend working with her if you have the opportunity.” 

- laurie r.


“Rachel has a great gift for tuning in and holding space to access key information that can illuminate the path ahead, and the decisions in front of us. She is a lantern bearer who not only lights the way during the session but also offers tools and methods that you can use as you continue on your journey after you leave her office. She also offers profound healing on a soul level that can clear internal cobwebs and clarify your personal power.

After working with Rachel I felt inspired, invigorated, and eager to ‘get on with it’- my own personal work of spiritual journeying. I felt reconnected to my inner sense of power and a deeper connection to this beautiful ‘lila’, the dance of life, in which everything is just as it should be and we need only to have faith in our inner knowledge and guides to continue on this refining work of reaching our highest and best purpose.

I recommend working with Rachel to gain more clarity, insight, and reconnection to your inner light and guides."

~andrea w.


“I felt unbalanced, disconnected and inauthentic before I started working with Rachel. I struggled to both understand and express my more feminine, feeling self and I also struggled to embrace my realities and my truths. My biggest challenge was being true to myself. But since working with Rachel I’ve grown in my ability to listen to my heart and my intuitions. 

Rachel is direct, gentle, approachable, and a great guide for your journey inward. I have seen traditional talk therapists and Rachel has given me the most advancement in the areas of finding my inner compass and peace than therapy ever did. She is exceptional at helping you find your own answers through inner connection and awareness while making you feel safe and supported throughout the progression.”


-millie s.  


"Rachel Bjornson of Elhana Healing is an absolute natural at working with energy (and I have worked with many amazing healers over the years!), and you can immediately feel her "go to work" when the session begins. 

To describe the healing itself, I would need to take you on a journey...from the sensations of being wrapped in a soothing cocoon to strong waves of vibrations pulsing through my body - and even moments of crystal clarity where the healing activated new thoughts and ideas that weren't accessible before!

The best part though is her intuitive feedback, sent lovingly after the session to share the impressions she received while healing. Not only does she tap into accurate glimpses of what is going on, but she brings her gifts as a coach into play to make insightful recommendations to work through any remaining blocks.

If you are feeling stuck and looking to make loving shifts in your life - but are struggling to know where to even begin - I highly recommend working with Rachel to get your energy clear once again."

-sabrina bolin, Intuitive Coach and Hypnotherapist


“Through many situations and circumstances good and bad, I got to a place in my life where it always felt like there was a fog in my head. It was hard to focus and even more difficult to keep my goals in sight. Rachel's 6-week workshop really helped me understand how quieting our body and mind can really restore all of that within me. Through meditation, various exercises and a deep-dive into each of our seven chakras, I've really learned how tuning into myself can really bring some focus and clarity back in my life. Rachel's workshop really gave me the insight I need to take control when too much noise, chaos and overall 'busyness' tries to dominate my life”

-jess e.


“Before working with Rachel I was very angry at the world and upset about a very important relationship in my life.  I thought I was hiding it well and I didn't tell Rachel how angry I was, but she knew without me saying anything. With her guidance, I worked through the anger and grew enough to accept the person in my then troubled relationship, fully.

With each session I've learned and grown. My life has changed positively in more ways than I can express here. I find myself reacting differently to tough situations now.  I feel lighter and the anger subsided. Some of the issues I started with in our sessions, I no longer even think about now.  I've been freed from so much junk inside me. 

You should work with Rachel if you feel drawn to her and are ready to really work on yourself. Rachel is a supportive, knowledgeable and insightful healer who provides a truly safe space. It has been an amazing journey and after 3 months, I've been drawn to continue my journey with Rachel. I'm super excited to see where it takes me!”

Note: this client wanted to remain anonymous but still wanted to share her story with you.

"Working with Rachel felt like a rollercoaster ride. Not because of her, mind you, but because I was resistant to change. I’m pretty stubborn and hardheaded but Rachel has patience and lots of love to give. She wants the best for you and she helps you on so many levels. I feel like she helped me be born again into who I always was but was afraid to be. She helped me discover my own blocks, recognize unhealthy patterns and brought me to my truth so that I could feel stronger, more empowered, and like an active participant in my own growth."


-euryale g.


“After working with Rachel, I have tools I can work with when I’m feeling out of alignment- whether I feel overwhelmed, angry or sad. I’m able to move into more of a “witness” place and observe what I’m going through and just relax into seeing how it all turns out -rather than stress about wanting to control the situation. I really enjoyed Rachel’s fun, real approach to things. She wasn't afraid to mention things that she’s also struggled with when she saw one of us struggling."

-michelle b.


“Before I began working with Rachel I felt responsible in many ways for the happiness of those I care most about, specifically my parents and my husband’s children. I struggled most when I could not impact them in a positive way. My biggest challenge was that their unhappiness would almost haunt me. I was unable to separate myself from their unhappiness which prevented me from being present in my own life. I almost felt guilty for being happy in my own life when the people I care most about were struggling so. I was stuck in the same narrative, over and over again.

By working with Rachel I realized that my pain over ’their’ pain was not helping them or me. Rachel taught me how to give and show empathy without becoming part of their unhappiness. She helped me to listen and show empathy to my family and those I care for so deeply while protecting my heart and my soul. She gently helped me move the energy through me and allowed me to live in the present, in my life. Rachel is a loving and calming bright light. She inspires peace and tranquility all the while restoring my strength and reliance in myself.”

Note: this client wanted to remain anonymous but still wanted to share her story with you.


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